Handling & Separation


MSG Handling & Separation

Automatic. Safe. Reliable.

Your production processes are optimised, but an automatic separation system for your material bundles is still missing? MSG develops systems that are easy on the material while fitting your corporate requirements precisely. Avoid dangerous manual actions and expand the function of your production system. MSG has the optimal workflow supplementation ready for you at the push of a button.

Our separation devices complete separation steps that facilitate work in all production processes. They require little maintenance, are extremely robust and shorten paths. Tubes and rods with the smallest diameters and lengths, as well as larger units, are split with the appropriate separation solution. Rods, tubes, and near-round profiles are appropriately aligned and then fed into the production line. This includes transport and separation solutions adapted by our specialists with versatile techniques even for complicated integration projects.

The right machines and professional handling solutions such as cross-conveyors, lift transfer systems, and roller conveyors ensure smooth finishing processes in production faster and with far greater efficiency. Automatic handling systems from MSG fully separate rods, tubes, and profiles from a material bundle. Production processes for steel-bar products grow faster with the greatest intensity for speedy forwarding to further processing, sorting, or transport. This keeps your production processes running smoothly. The performance and system characteristics are based on your company’s specific needs. Our separation systems process rods, tubes, and profiles of 0.5 to 20 metres in length with a diameter of five to 140 millimetres. MSG machines stand out for their technology and quality “Made in Germany”. They can move even heavy units easily.


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