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GMS-B Measuring Cell for Bent Tubes

MSG Measuring Technology

GMS-B Measuring Cell for Bent Tubes

The measuring cell for bent tubes is a contact-free optical measuring system for measuring bent tube and wire parts. It takes only a few seconds to determine a digital image of the workpiece to be inspected by shadow projection, and to compare it to a stored model transmitted through the CAD interface to determine size accuracy.

Product areas & Areas of application

Product areas:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Furniture industry

Areas of application:

  • Digitalization of stabilizers
  • Bent hydraulic tubes (with or without forming ends)
  • Immersion heater
  • Coils
  • Transparent bars
  • and much more


  • Use for quality assurance and correction of bending data
  • No adjustment or clamping of parts necessary
  • Measurements independent of position/ operator
  • Can be integrated into an automated production line

Inspection features & Interface

Inspection features:

  • 3D coordinate measurement of the shaft sections of bent tubes/wires
  • CAD model comparison
  • Bending radius measurement
  • Spatial position measurement of the tube ends


  • Connection to process control level via Profinet.
    Measured data storage in SQL database.

Measuring speed/ accuracy

Measuring speed:

  • The standard measuring speed for bent tubes is <8 sec.

Measuring accuracy:

  • The default absolute diameter accuracy is +-0.01 mm. The accuracy of the shank angles is <0.1°.

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