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GMS-C Curvature Measurement

MSG Measuring Technology

GMS-C Curvature Measurement

To measure the curvature of a bent sheet panel, the bent shape can be recorded, e.g. with the GMS-C, and compared to a stored reference geometry. The reference geometry may correspond to an ideally rounded curved segment (inspection template) or any free form. The deviation of the reference geometry from the actual geometry or a calculated local curvature value can be used as an evaluation feature.

Product areas & Areas of application

Product areas:

  • LSAW
  • ERW
  • Seamless pipes

Areas of application:

  • Inspection of bent shapes
  • Profiles


  • Steel, brass, aluminium, etc.


MSG has developed a system for real-time monitoring of the bending quality during the tube production process, when bending starts or while round bending is underway. The actual results are visualised live to allow the operator to take action as needed. The comparison between the target and actual contours is shown to the system operator, which allows him to analyse and assess the optically recorded contour using pre-set digital comparison samples.

Inspection features & Interface

Inspection features:

  • Shape deviation
  • Template measurement
  • Curvature measurement


  • Connection to process control level via Profinet.
    Measured data storage in SQL database.

Measuring speed/ accuracy

Measuring speed:

  • The measuring speed is 100 Hz.

Measurement accuracy*:

  • The measurement accuracy is ±10 μm.
    *Data for standard system

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