Measuring Technology

GMS-E Pipe End Measurement

MSG Measuring Technology

GMS-E Pipe End Measurement

The GMS-E, specifically developed for industrial inline applications, permits conclusions about the production quality of pipe cross-sections. The geometry is measured far inside, viewed from the pipe end.

Product areas & Areas of application

Product areas:

  • Pipe (round, profiled)
  • Rod (round, profiled)

Areas of application:

  • Geometry measurement
  • Groove detection after drawing
  • Volume calculation and saw-cut optimisation downstream of the welding line


  • Steel, brass, aluminium, plastics, etc.


Burrs or deformed ends will not influence the result. Since the cross-section geometry is recorded contact-free far inside the pipe, in contrast to conventional, elaborate proce­dures, the GMS-E can be used very early in the production process. The sooner the quality is known, the fewer rejects will be produced.

Inspection features & Interface

Inspection features:

  • Outer diameter [mm]
  • Inner diameter [mm]
  • Ovality [%], [mm]
  • Wall thickness [mm]
  • Maximum inscribed circle [mm]
  • Eccentricity [%], [mm]
  • Coaxiality [%], [mm]
  • Area [mm2]
  • Volume calculation [mm3]
  • Weld geometry


  • Connection to process control level via Profinet.
    Measured data storage in SQL database.

Measuring speed/ accuracy

Measuring speed:

  • The measuring speed is 2 s.

Measurement accuracy*:

  • The measurement accuracy is ±10 μm
    *Data for standard system


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