Measuring Technology

GMS-P Outside Profile Measurement

MSG Measuring Technology

GMS-P Outside Profile Measurement

The GMS-P permits creation of a digital image (“digital twin”) of outer geometries, specifically in the round tube and profile tube areas. A roller track moves the tube to be inspected through the measuring system. The measuring principle of the GMS-P is based on a laser cutting procedure where profile measurements matching the scanning frequency are performed on a tube. They can be inspected for geometrical tolerance violations after passage.

Product areas & Areas of application

Product areas:

  • LSAW
  • HSAW
  • ERW
  • Seamless pipes (hot/cold)
  • HFI longitudinally welded steel tubes
  • OCTG

Areas of application:

  • Before calibration
  • After calibration
  • In the adjustment area
  • Profile tubes continually produced on the welding line
  • After pilgrim processes


  • Steel, brass, aluminium, plastics, wood, etc.


The mechanical adaptability of the GMS-P allows integration into nearly any production line. It also comes with an integrated calibration for quick and independent restoration of process capability.
For every project, the framework conditions on site are determined and recorded by the MSG specialists. Design measures are derived from this that are correlated with the perspective specifications from the measuring technology department. This leads to a system customised to your production line. Other items include: Objective measuring results, digitalisation, quality assurance, and optimisation.

Inspection features & Interface

Inspection features:

  • Averaged outer diameter [mm]
  • Maximal and minimal diametric outer diameters [mm]
  • Global out of roundness [mm]
  • Other product-specific features [mm] (e.g. width/height of square tubes)
  • Circumference [mm]
  • Local out of roundness [mm]
  • Weld geometry (height, width, peaking, flattening, …)
  • Detection of grinding points


  • Connection to process control level via Profinet.
    Measured data storage in SQL database.

Measuring speed/ accuracy

Measuring speed:

  • The measuring speed is 40 Hz.

Measurement accuracy*:

  • The measurement accuracy is ±50 μm
    *Data for standard system


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