Measuring Technology

GMS-PS Profile Selection Measurement and Straightness

MSG Measuring Technology

GMS-PS Profile Selection Measurement and Straightness

This system is an expansion of the GMS-P. It records straightness of the large pipe locally and globally as well.

Product areas & Areas of application

Product areas:

  • LSAW
  • HSAW
  • ERW
  • Seamless pipe
  • OCTG

Areas of application:

  • Before or after calibration
  • Final inspection


  • Steel, aluminium, plastics, wood, etc.


The GMS-PS compresses the elaborate manual measurement of the straightness of large pipes to a fraction of a second. Where ropes could only work along the outside of the horizontal jacket surface before, the GMS-PS can measure the entire straightness in any radial location along the pipe. It also comes with an integrated calibration for quick and independent restoration of process capability.

Inspection features & Interface

Inspection features:

  • Averaged outer diameter [mm]
  • Maximal and minimal diametric outer diameters [mm]
  • Global out of roundness [mm]
  • Other product-specific features [mm] (e.g. width/height at square tubes)
  • Circumference [mm]
  • Local out of roundness [mm]
  • Weld geometry (height, width, peaking, flattening, …)
  • Detection of grinding points
  • Global straightness [mm/tube length]
  • Local straightness [mm/reference length]


  • Connection to process control level via Profinet.
    Measured data storage in SQL database.

Measuring speed/ accuracy

Measuring speed:

  • The measuring speed is <3 s.

Measurement accuracy*:

  • The measurement accuracy is ±50 μm
    *Data for standard system


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