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Further processing

MSG Special Machine Engineering

High-performance processes for your value generation

Our special machines supply perfect support for many further processing steps, from sawing, drilling, and punching, to cutting, turning, deburring, and reforming, to grinding and straightening. Our industrial solutions for further processing in your company stand out with their compact build and high return on investment. MSG machines can be expanded easily on demand, no matter the final product at hand. Formerly time-consuming further processing will consume much fewer resources with our sophisticated systems. We always focus on best results & perfect quality.

MSG is your system provider for special machines that ensure reliable and efficient processing of your products. Our specialists concentrate on high-quality work when selecting the appropriate machine concept, for anything from cost-effective small systems to optimised high-performance operation. Investments in high-quality, innovative equipment can increase the corporate value in the long run. We develop special machines for any further-processing task. We strive to meet your quality, capacity, and space requirements. MSG sets new standards in the further processing of materials, substances, and products of all kinds.

Surprise your customers with cutting-edge technologies and increase your contribution to value creation. Our special machines perfectly support many different steps of further processing, such as deburring, milling, punching, grinding, straightening, forming, drilling, and sawing. Sectors require different manufacturing processes specific to the respective industry. We always focus on best results & perfect quality. Smart industrial solutions for further processing stand out with their compact designs, high returns on investment and handling systems easy to integrate throughout. MSG machines can be easily expanded based on the requirements of the respective end product. The resources required for time-consuming finishing work is much reduced by our sophisticated equipment.


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