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Handling/conveyor technology

MSG Sepcial Machine Engineering

Only movement will bring you forward!

Elaborate handling systems and optimised conveyor technology solutions from our in-house development finally master issues that had no adequate solution before. MSG enables integration of diverse technologies in combination with absolute design strength. Our designs are part of an entire production chain that we support with short cycle times, sophisticated robotics, and optimised systems for transport and manipulation. MSG configures for you to increase your output.

Material handling is an important contributor to industrial production processes. MSG offers the best solutions available for every application in the equipment of production lines, application in different industry branches or handling of tubes and rods. We expand existing plants or plan, produce, and assemble individual function parts. Our distinguishing features are special conveyor technology for heavy loads and shear forces, as well as a conceptually strong modular construction.

We integrate cutting-edge plant components such as gripper systems, clamping devices, hoisting devices, or vacuum crossbeams, for best alignment of each individual distribution system with the customer’s needs. This ensures best handling for each material. Smart manipulation increases production capacity utilisation even further, shortens cycle times and thereby renders manufacturing processes more cost-effective. Stacking, storing, sorting, or transporting – optimal handling & smart conveyor technology make you fit for future challenges.


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