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Special Measuring Technology

MSG Special Measuring Technology

Customised measurement technology for your needs!

Best partner in the field of mechanical engineering. We supply our customers with innovative solutions from special machine engineering and measurement technology. A strong team and greatest industry-specific expertise enable us to sustainably meet customer requirements for economic success.

Complex physical framework conditions often mean that the standard measuring systems available on the market cannot be easily integrated in production. Such framework conditions include lack of industry-capability, as well as measuring-technical deficits that can only be solved with new developments.

This is where the broad industrial image processing and special mechanical engineering know-how MSG has collected over many years comes in. It allows the company to develop new and problem-oriented special solutions in joint projects with its customers.
Development is typically preceded by a feasibility study to assess whether the target is achievable. Once the MSG specialists believe that the issue can be solved, practical implementation may commence.

Example applications:

  • OCR recognition on curved areas
  • Groove depth inspection on areas
  • Surface inspection on aluminium sockets
  • Wear inspection on draw dies
  • Error verification on PCBs
  • Presence check of drilled holes
  • Optimised saw cutting specification on ball ends
  • Etc.

MSG Turnkey Solution

  • Complete development projects
  • Processing of commissioned projects
  • Customised solutions based on the desired project scope
  • Observance of all required guidelines and global standards during the entire process
  • Design with SolidWorks
  • Design and setup of the project according to customer requirements
  • Design creation with evaluation of different systems
  • Definition of the specifications
  • Determination of investment costs
  • Guarantee of planning security
  • 3D CAD designs by our certified SolidWorks experts
  • Visualisations of plant planning, piping routes, and assembly simulations
  • Design of components, special and customised machines
  • Implementation of existing customer designs
  • Space-optimised versions
  • Implementation of customer-specific colour and material designs
  • Project-related production technology according to the latest standards
  • Optimised product design on time
  • Delivery, assembly, and commissioning of machines and plants
  • Optimisation and adjustment of parameters on site
  • Advice for the customer and enabling of optimal use and maximum utilisation of machines, plants, and systems
  • Adjustments
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Support in technical and professional matters