Technical Service


Technical Service

Machine design comprises highly technical components, combined with digital modules, electrical, design, mechanical, and wear parts. When systems are newly installed, as wear and tear results from massive stress or once the plant reaches a certain age, specialists must ensure best installation and commissioning, professional maintenance and repair, or restore an outstanding performance of your old machines by conversions and modernisation.

Assembly and commissioning

Simulation. Validation. Optimisation.

We want to offer customers the best possible service on the market, from installation to final assembly and commissioning. The clear competence advantages of MSG installation technicians ensure innovative solutions in an efficient cost structure. Our 360° service range provides professional coordination for all plant and commissioning tests with subsequent quality and safety management.

Maintenance & repair

Increasing requirements smart solutions

Extend the service lives of your plants and machines and choose an MSG Maschinenbau system. Our service team prevents problematic breakdowns and maintains your company’s availability with predictive maintenance, digital wear components, and reliable repairs without any production downtimes. We keep the plants and systems entrusted to us safe.

Conversions and modernisation

Optimal value creation

Making it all-new is not always better. Does your used plant need to be technically refurbished? Do you want to reduce cycle times and perform various process optimisations? The economic alternative to buying a new one often pays off well. Our experienced technicians raise your plants unused potential. They can advise you on your desired application area and ensure an increase in production output with innovative solutions.