"GMS-E reliably delivers high-quality results despite the most adverse industrial conditions"

May 7, 2023

"GMS-E reliably delivers high-quality results despite the most adverse industrial conditions"

A success story for 15 years

Eccentricity, together with other geometric cross-sectional characteristics such as the ovality of outside and inside diameters or also the weld geometry of seamless and welded tubes and hollow sections, is an essential production parameter. This is measured either for final product certification according to standards at the end of the production process or also for process monitoring in previous production steps. Early digitizing of production characteristics enables timely intervention to keep reject rates low and to generate in-depth process understanding manually or even automatically. Early digitization is the decisive approach to increasing efficiency and thus sustainable competitiveness!

"We have been using MSG's GMS-E several times within our group of companies since 2008. Based on customer requirements, all the systems have been continuously optimized and further developed together with MSG. It reliably delivers high-quality results despite the most adverse industrial conditions," says Jörn Winkels, Technical Managing Director Mannesmann Precision Tubes GmbH.

This point was already recognized by a renowned manufacturer of brass hollow sections in 2005. In order to evaluate the pressing process at an early stage, the end of the pressed hollow section, which was to be sawn off anyway, was gripped by an MSG robot and checked for eccentricity as well as internal and external ovality by means of GMS-E. This was the first time that an insufficiently homogeneous heating of the press bolt was identified as the cause. Insufficiently homogeneous heating of the press bolt could be identified as the cause.

Shortly afterwards, several systems were used in steel tube production for both seamless and welded tubes within the manufacturing process. Among other things, to control the weld geometry.

Today, more than 50 GMS-E installed by MSG are in use worldwide. These generate product safety for the customer, but above all an understanding of their own process.

Thanks to the technology developed by MSG, the cross-section geometry was already digitized internally in 2005, far behind the deformed or burr-covered pipe ends. MSG's robust mechanical engineering together with the know-how acquired since the company was founded in 1998 in the manufacture of special machines for steel production resulted in a measuring system that is absolutely suitable for industrial use and stable in time. Through continuous further development, measurements can now be carried out on products at over 250°C.

You can find a video of the product on our youtube-channel.

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